What is the Eligibility for BCS Exam? [Detail Guide]

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The Bangladesh Civil Service – BCS Exam is the gateway to becoming a government officer and serving the country in various capacities. The exam is conducted by the Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC) to recruit suitable candidates for the civil service.

To appear for the prestigious BCS exam and qualify for government service, candidates must meet certain eligibility criteria set by the BPSC. The key eligibility requirements cover educational qualifications, age limit, citizenship status and physical fitness. Understanding the eligibility criteria is crucial for aspirants to assess if they can apply for the BCS exam.

Eligibility for BCS Exam

Educational Qualifications for BCS Exam

The minimum educational qualification mandated to apply for the BCS exam is graduation in any discipline from a recognized university. The graduation degree must be at least of 4 years duration, such as BA, BSc, BCom etc.

Additionally, candidates must have a minimum academic record to qualify for the BCS exam. As per BPSC rules, candidates should not have more than one third division or equivalent in their academic career from SSC onwards. This includes SSC, HSC, and graduation level exams.

For candidates with a 3-year bachelor’s degree, it is compulsory to complete a master’s degree to be eligible for the BCS exam.

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The division or grade equivalence for eligibility is as follows:


  • First Division/Class: GPA 3.0 or above
  • Second Division/Class: GPA 2.0 to 2.99
  • Third Division/Class: GPA 1.0 to 1.99

Bachelor’s Degree (Honours)

  • First Class: GPA 3.0 or above
  • Second Class: GPA 2.25 to 2.99
  • Third Class: GPA 1.65 to 2.24

So in short, having more than one third class or equivalent across SSC, HSC and graduation disqualifies a candidate from appearing for the BCS exam.

Age Limit

There is an age limit for candidates to apply for the BCS exam. As per BPSC rules, the minimum age is 21 years and the maximum age is 30 years as on the 1st date of the month when the BCS exam advertisement is published.

The upper age limit is relaxed for certain categories:

  • 32 years for children/grandchildren of freedom fighters
  • 32 years for tribal candidates
  • 32 years for disabled candidates
  • No upper limit for gazetted government officers


Only citizens of Bangladesh are eligible to apply for the BCS exam. Non-citizens, dual citizenship holders and candidates married to a foreign national without government permission cannot appear for the exam as per existing rules.

Physical Fitness

Meeting the medical and physical fitness standards is another prerequisite to qualify for government jobs through the BCS exam. The medical tests check height, weight, chest measurements and vision primarily.

The minimum physical standards are:

For Male Candidates

  • Height: 5 feet
  • Weight: 50 kg
  • Chest expansion: 4.5 cm

For Female Candidates

  • Height: 4 feet 10 inches
  • Weight: 43 kg

Relaxation up to 2 cm in chest expansion and 2 kg in weight is permitted.

Vision Standards

  • Distant vision: 6/9 in better eye and 6/12 in other eye
  • Near vision: 0.5 in better eye and 0.6 in other eye
  • Each eye must have a full field of vision
  • Color vision: Normal

Candidates declared medically unfit can file an appeal within 15 days and get re-examined. Those meeting the revised medical standards after re-examination become eligible to join the civil service.

Application Fees

The application fee for the BCS exam is Tk 500 which must be deposited during form submission. The fee can be deposited online or through Treasury challan. There is no provision for fee exemption regardless of candidate’s financial condition.

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In summary, bachelor’s degree holders between 21-30 years of age without more than one third division across SSC, HSC and graduation, who are Bangladeshi citizens and meet the medical standards, can apply for the BCS exam subject to fulfilling other criteria.

Frequently Asked Questions on Eligibility for BCS Exam

Can I apply for BCS exam while studying?

  • No, you can only apply after completing your bachelor’s degree. Final year students are not eligible.

What if I have a masters degree but not honours at graduation level?

  • In this case, you must have a 4-year bachelor’s degree to be eligible for BCS exam. A 3-year general degree + masters does not qualify.

Is there any relaxation in minimum GPA for freedom fighter’s children?

  • No, there is no relaxation in the minimum academic qualifications for any category. All candidates must meet the division/class requirements.

I wear spectacles. Can I apply for BCS?

  • Yes, you can if your vision in both eyes meets the prescribed standards with corrective lenses.

I have a minor disability in one leg. Am I eligible for BCS?

  • It depends on the nature of disability. If it does not hamper your functioning, you can apply but have to clear the medical tests.

Is it compulsory to have no third division after SSC?

  • No, you can have one third division across SSC, HSC and graduation. But two third divisions will make you ineligible.

What is the maximum number of attempts for BCS exam?

  • There is no official limit on attempts. You can appear till the upper age limit of 30 years is reached.

Can I appear for BCS exam in Bengali?

  • Yes, the BCS exam paper is set in both Bengali and English as per candidate’s choice. Answering in Bengali is allowed.

Do I need to submit any certificate while applying?

  • No documents are required during BCS application. Certificates are checked at the time of viva voce for shortlisted candidates.

The BCS exam eligibility criteria are designed to allow talented youths to join public service while maintaining selection standards. Understanding the requirements in advance enables aspiring candidates to plan their education and career accordingly. With the right qualifications and preparations, the path to becoming a BCS officer can be smoother.