How to Get HSC Results 2023 in Bangladesh? [Detail Guide]

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How to Get HSC Results 2023 in Bangladesh?  The Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) examination is one of the most important public examinations in Bangladesh, conducted at the end of 12th grade. In 2023, around 14 lakh students are expected to appear for the HSC exams administered by the country’s education boards. The HSC results 2023 hold high significance as they are required for higher education admissions and job applications. This comprehensive guide covers all key details regarding the HSC results 2023 – important dates, checking procedures, statistics, and analysis.

How to Get HSC Results 2023 in Bangladesh? [Detail Guide]

HSC Exams 2023 Overview

In 2023, the HSC and equivalent exams are being conducted from August 17 to September 25 across Bangladesh. This year, the examinations are being held on a reduced syllabus by omitting the topics of second chapter of each subject. The exams are being administered by the following education boards:

  • Dhaka Education Board
  • Rajshahi Education Board
  • Comilla Education Board
  • Jessore Education Board
  • Chittagong Education Board
  • Barisal Education Board
  • Sylhet Education Board
  • Dinajpur Education Board
  • Madrasah Education Board
  • Technical Education Board

Around 14 lakh students are appearing for the exams in 2023, including 9.85 lakh under the 9 general education boards. This includes 6.22 lakh male and 5.80 lakh female students.

Test Name Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC)
HSC Result Release Date 26/28 November 2023
total board 11 Board of Education
Total Candidates 12,3,407
Side rate N/A

Key Dates for HSC Results 2023

Given below are the important dates for HSC exams and results announcement in 2023:

  • HSC Exam Start Date: August 17, 2023
  • HSC Exam End Date: September 25, 2023
  • Practical Exams: September 26 to October 4, 2023
  • Expected HSC Result Date: November 26-28, 2023

The education boards are likely to publish the HSC results within 60 days of the exam end date i.e. by November 26 as per rules. The date when the Honorable Prime Minister of Bangladesh approves the result declaration is confirmed as the HSC result date.

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Where to Check HSC Result 2023 Online

The students can check their HSC results online on the official websites of the education boards. The results are published online at the same time for all education boards.

The official websites to check HSC results online are:

Students have to visit the website, select their education board, provide roll number and registration number to view their results. The online HSC results 2023 show subject-wise marks, total marks, and grade point average.

How to Get HSC Result by SMS

Along with the online mode, students can also get their HSC results 2023 via SMS. The education boards make arrangements with mobile operators for result publication over SMS.

To get HSC results through SMS, students have to type:

HSC <Space> first 3 letters of Board name <Space> Roll number <Space> Passing year

and send it to 16222

For example:

HSC DHA 196843 2023

The result will be sent as an SMS on the same mobile number.

  • SMS System For General Board (HSC)

HSC<> First three letters of Board name<>Roll no<>2023 and send to 16222 number

HSC (Space) DHA (Space) 1478520 (Space) 2023 send to 16222

  • SMS System For Madrasah Education Board For Alim Examinee

Alim <> MAD<> Roll no <> 2023 and send to 16222 number

ALIM (Space) MAD (Space) 1478520 (Space) 2023 send to 16222

  • SMS System For Technical Board Examinee

HSC <> TEC <> Roll no <> 2023 and send to 16222 number

HSC (Space) TEC (Space) 1478520 (Space) 2023 send to 16222

Education Board 1st Tri Paper

Name of the Board of Education First three characters
Barisal Education Board BAR
Comilla Board of Education COM
Chittagong Education Board CHI
Dhaka Education Board DHA
Dinajpur Education Board DIN
Jessore Education Board JES
Rajshahi Education Board RAJ
Sylhet Education Board SYL
Madrasa Education Board MAD
Board of Technical Education TEC

Checking HSC Results via Android App

The Bangladesh education boards have launched Android apps for students to easily access their public exam results. The apps ‘Eboard Results’ and ‘Education Board Results’ can be downloaded from Google PlayStore.

Students have to open these apps, enter their details and view their HSC results hassle-free. The results are made available on these mobile apps as soon as they are published online.

HSC Result 2023 Statistics and Analysis

Some key statistics and analysis of HSC results:

  • In 2022, a total of 13,11,617 students appeared for the exams under all education boards
  • The total pass percentage last year was 87.25%
  • GPA 5 achievers were 1,22,561 accounting for 9.34% of total students
  • Dhaka board had the highest pass rate of 90.55%
  • Science group students scored the highest pass percentage of 95.08%
  • Humanities group was at the bottom with 74.70% pass rate

The trend shows the number of GPA 5 achievers in HSC is increasing yearly. Female students have been outscoring male students in pass percentages. Dhaka, Rajshahi and Comilla boards record the best HSC result stats annually.

In 2023 as well, the education boards are expected to achieve good overall pass percentages. However, due to the reduced syllabus, the stats may differ from previous years. The pandemic situation in 2021 and 2022 has also impacted learning losses among students reflected in results.

Significance of HSC Results 2023 for Higher Studies

The HSC results 2023 are important because admissions to undergraduate programs in Bangladesh are granted based on merit scores calculated using HSC grades/CGPA.

Public universities admit students based on combined merit score from HSC and admission test results. Top scorers in HSC exams get priority during undergraduate admissions.

For medical colleges, the cut-off is high and students require high HSC grades along with good MBBS admission test scores. The HSC result is also vital for college admissions in private universities.

Thus, HSC results form the basis for higher education admission for lakhs of students in the country. A good score and grade point average expands opportunities for academic progression.

HSC Results Importance for Jobs

Besides higher education, the HSC results 2023 are equally important when applying for entry-level government, semi-government and private jobs. Recruitment notices by employers specify minimum CGPA criteria in HSC results for job eligibility.

For Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) cadre service, graduates need to meet the minimum qualifying marks in HSC exams. Good grades in HSC results 2023 make candidates more competitive in the job market at the start of their careers.

Thus, HSC results can be determinative of future career pathways and job prospects for passing students in Bangladesh. They must check their results carefully and if unsatisfied, can apply for re-evaluation or re-scrutiny of papers.

How to Apply for Re-checking of HSC Answer Scripts

The examinees who are unhappy with their obtained marks in HSC results can seek re-evaluation of their answer scripts. Here is the application process:

  • Visit official website of respective education board
  • Download ‘Re-scrutiny Form’ available online
  • Fill it properly and submit to the Board office within 15 working days of result publication along with fee
  • The re-checking decision by Board will be final

If any errors are detected, the Board will revise the marks and issue new mark sheets. Students can thus hope to improve their grades through re-evaluation. But applications require to be made within stipulated period as specified by the Boards.

HSC Results 2023 : Conclusion

The HSC examinations conducted at the end of Grade 12 are the first public board exams faced by students in Bangladesh. They serve as stepping stones to undergraduate education and jobs for the passing candidates. HSC results 2023 are keenly awaited by thousands of students and parents across the country.

The above guide covers all details regarding checking procedures, important dates, analysis, re-evaluation system and significance of HSC results. Students are advised to keep their admit cards and roll numbers ready to check results digitally. Regular practice of mock online results can ease the process. With good preparation, regular studies and performance in exams, students can achieve expected outcomes.