Jaya Ahsan’s 10th Avatar : A Peek into Her Puja Experience

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In today’s fast-paced world, our needs have grown, presenting us with more challenges and stressors than ever before. However, amidst the hustle and bustle, renowned Bengali actress Jaya Ahsan brings a new cinematic experience to the upcoming Puja with her movie ’10th Avatar.’ Initially, the role was considered for Subhasree, but it ultimately went to Jaya. In a recent interview, Jaya Ahsan shares her thoughts and insights on her journey with the film.

In a snippet of the interview, Jaya reflects on the Calcutta Puja and her connection with the city. She mentions that she has been observing the festivities for the past decade and has become deeply attached to the city. Having had several film releases during Puja over the years, Jaya often contemplates how the audience will receive her work and whether it resonates with them.

Jaya Ahsan's 10th Avatar

The director initially envisioned Subhasree for Jaya’s role, prompting a discussion on her decision to accept the offer. Jaya reveals that while many similar roles come her way, she occasionally hesitates, feeling that she has already portrayed similar characters in the past. However, when other accomplished actresses take on such roles, they often breathe new life into them. Ultimately, she believes that the impact of a character lies in who portrays it, not in the actor’s identity. When she questioned the director about his choice, he clarified that he had written the character without a specific actor in mind and believed that Jaya was the perfect fit.

The audience’s interest in the film primarily centers around two characters, Praveer (Prosenjit Chatterjee) and Poddar (Anirban Banerjee). When asked about the importance of her character, Jaya suggests that it’s best understood by watching the film. She mentions that she was initially drawn to this franchise because of its prequels, ’22nd Shravan’ and ‘Vinchida,’ both of which garnered a dedicated following. After reading the script, Jaya found her character intriguing and unique.

Regarding her preparation for the role, Jaya explains that she isn’t one to overprepare, as she prefers to act naturally. She had faith in the director, Srijit, and felt that her character was essential to the film.

Inquiring about what she gained from ‘Dasham Avatar,’ Jaya reflects on how every character she portrays leaves a lasting impression. She plays the role of a psychologist in this film, which she describes as a mature character.

The conversation takes a turn towards the importance of maintaining a healthy mind in today’s world. Jaya emphasizes the significance of mental well-being, highlighting that modern society faces more challenges and stressors due to increased needs and a changing social landscape. She believes it’s crucial to prioritize mental health and seek professional help when needed, just as we do for our physical health.

Jaya also opens up about her introverted nature and how individuals like her, who tend to keep their emotions bottled up, can face internal struggles. Despite this, she acknowledges her own strength and resilience. She draws a parallel between actors and psychologists, both of whom delve into the human psyche in their respective ways.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Jaya Ahsan’s 10th Avatar

  1. Who is Jaya Ahsan?

    • Jaya Ahsan is a popular Bengali actress known for her versatile roles in the film industry.
  2. What is ’10th Avatar,’ and when will it be released?

    • ’10th Avatar’ is an upcoming movie featuring Jaya Ahsan. It is set to be released during the upcoming Puja festivities.
  3. Why was Subhasree initially considered for the movie ’10th Avatar’?

    • Subhasree was initially considered for the movie, but the role ultimately went to Jaya Ahsan based on the director’s creative vision.
  4. What does Jaya Ahsan think about the Calcutta Puja?

    • Jaya Ahsan has been closely connected to the Calcutta Puja for ten years and cherishes the city’s festivities.
  5. What is the significance of Jaya Ahsan’s character in ’10th Avatar’?

    • The importance of Jaya Ahsan’s character in the movie ’10th Avatar’ is best understood by watching the film, as it offers a unique and intriguing role.
  6. How does Jaya Ahsan prepare for her roles?

    • Jaya Ahsan prefers to act naturally and doesn’t believe in overpreparing for her roles, trusting her instincts and the director’s guidance.
  7. Why does Jaya Ahsan emphasize the importance of mental well-being?

    • Jaya Ahsan believes that in today’s world, with increasing challenges and stressors, it’s essential to prioritize mental health, just as we do for our physical health.
  8. Has Jaya Ahsan ever sought professional help for her mental well-being?

    • Jaya Ahsan mentions that she hasn’t felt the need to seek professional help, as she manages her introverted nature and internal struggles on her own.
  9. What does Jaya Ahsan mean when she says actors work with the mind like psychologists?

    • Jaya Ahsan draws a parallel between actors and psychologists, as both delve into the human psyche, exploring emotions and behaviors in their respective ways.

In conclusion, Jaya Ahsan’s ’10th Avatar’ promises to be a noteworthy addition to the Puja festivities. Beyond her cinematic endeavors, Jaya’s insights shed light on the pressing need to nurture our mental well-being in an increasingly demanding world.